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Finnish Easy Reading - Puhutaan suomea

Finnish Easy Reading

  Helsinkiin Juhani Aho Anna Liisa Minna Canth Laulu tulipunaisesta kukasta Johannes Linnankoski Finnish Easy Reading is a new book series willing to open the exciting Finnish literature to Finnish language students and fans. The books are written in simplified Finnish preserving the original story and style. Vocabulary is explained in footnotes. At the end Read more about Finnish Easy Reading[…]

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Selkokieli – Plain Language and Finnish Easy Reading

How are our Finnish Easy Reading books different from Selkokeskus collection?
While Selkokeskus collection of books targets mainly an audience with difficulties in reading and understanding the standard language. This includes people with disabilities, but the books may also be useful for foreigners who study Finnish.
Finnish Easy Reading series is mainly targeted to those learning and studying Finnish as a second language. The table at the top of the page shows the two collections side by side, for comparison.

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